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French Guinea Fowl- Preorder yours today!

Guinea Fowl

Hi Everyone! We are now accepting preorders for French Guineas! These will be pearl French Guineas. 

Guinea fowl make excellent livestock watchdogs, pest eliminators, and are a delicacy to eat. Known for their dark meat, they are similar to pheasant.

There is no minimum. Please note that payment must be made prior to the deadline via PayPal, credit card or cash. No checks or money orders, please. If you prefer not to raise the keets we will raise them for you. Pricing is as follows:

Keets (4-10 days old)- $5/ea
Juvenile (5 weeks)- $10/ea
Young Adult (10 weeks)- $15/ea

Please email with additional questions and for ordering information. Please note that pickup is in Pueblo West, CO.

Please see our Guinea Fowl page for more information. 

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