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Buyer Beware- Counterfeit Poultry Nipples are DANGEROUS to your flock!

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Buyer Beware- Fake poultry nipples are dangerous

Hello Chicken friends! We wanted to share a bit of news with you to keep you and your birds all safe and happy. Recently, a counterfeit poultry nipple has hit the market. The original nipples are high quality pieces made in Europe by Columbus Aqua. The fake is made in China and looks identical to the Columbus Aqua product, but is of poor quality and leaks. The pins have also been known to fall out, posing a hazard to your birds. 

If you recently ordered horizontal chicken nipples from Amazon or eBay and they leak, you received the Chinese copy. Check the back of your poultry nipple and see if "Columbus Aqua" is printed. Please don’t get discouraged, as the original ones are nothing like this! (It is recommended you report the fake to Amazon). If you are looking for a reputable source of the original, European made nipple, we are authorized distributers and offer them on our website, eBay and Amazon. We also guarantee our poultry nipples. If they leak, we will replace them for free!

We offer the genuine, European made nipple through various vendors. You may purchase them here: 

Heritage Acres Market LLC- Website

eBay- Seller name is heritageacresmarketllc

Amazon (Prime and Standard shipping available)- Seller name is Heritage Acres Market

(Please keep in mind that there are several individuals selling the counterfeit product under the genuine Amazon listing. Be sure to check for Heritage Acres Market as the seller!)


Confirmed sellers of the counterfeit nipples:


Please share this with others so they don’t buy a lemon!


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