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Hive Inspection Form


When it comes to keeping bees, inspections during the first year(s) can be overwhelming. After getting over the fear of opening a box with tens of thousands of stinging insects, it can be difficult to remember all the things one should look for. At least once you'll be relaxing on the couch and think back, "Did I check for eggs/the Queen?". Or maybe you are just interested in some type of documentation tracking your hives progress.

We have created a Hive Inspection Form for those that may be interested. You can print one for each of your hives, create a binder and complete them after each inspection. You could laminate and tape it to the inside of your hive lid and make notes with a dry erase marker to reference on the next inspection. Or you could print one and put it in your pocket to use as a reference. 

Our best efforts went into making form to cover most beekeepers. Whether you use plastic foundation or foundationless,  varroa treatments or treatment free, Top Bar or Langstroth, our hope is this can provide some value or guidance. 

Click image below or HERE to download

Hive Inspection Form

Enjoy! Please contact us if you have any suggestions/corrections

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