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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Backyard Chicken Keeper


Chicken Lover Holiday Guide

Do you need a few ideas for the chicken lover in you life? Not sure what your poultry aficionado would love in their stocking? Or maybe you'd like some goodies of your own. In any case, here are a few great gift ideas to delight any enthusiast: 

Poultry Herb Blend

Poultry herb blends for healthier birds! This best seller comes in 6 aromatic varieties. Each blend serves a unique purpose from promoting relaxation to worming or pest control. Loved by chickens and their keepers! Click here to purchase.


Sloggers chicken print shoe or boot

Check out these cute and comfy slip on shoes, available in low top or tall boot. Waterproof and made of recycled rubber, they are durable and easy to clean. Although they will last for years, when it is time for a new pair, just send them back to Sloggers and they will recycle your loved shoes to make a new pair. Click here or here to purchase.

Slogg rubber boot

Chicken leg knee high sock

This fan favorite is great for those with a goofy side. Put on these socks and you'll want to show off your chicken legs! Click here to purchase.

Poultry Nipple Drinkers

Another product that is loved by the keeper as much as the flock, these drinkers increase water source hygiene and decrease necessary labor. Horizontal poultry nipple waterers are a must have for chickens, quail, guinea fowl and other poultry. These waterers keep water sources pristine, and are excellent for winter water. Just add a bucket heater and Thermocube, and you'll never have to worry about frozen water again. Click here to purchase.

Elegant Rooster blank note card

24 blank note cards made in the USA. Great for writing Thank You's and other sentimental cards. Click here to purchase.

Note Card Gift Idea

Chicken Poop Lip Balm

Made in the USA with high quality, all natural nourishing ingredients. Click here to purchase.

Chicken Poop Lip Balm

Colorado Chicken vinyl decal

Do you know a chicken lover that also loves Colorado? Make their day with this high quality, thick vinyl decal. Click here to purchase.

Colorado Chicken Decal

Happy Hens Mealworm Frenzy

Want to give you chickens mealworms, but don't want to hassle with live bugs? Check out the Happy Hens Mealworm Frenzy. The flock will thank you! Click here to purchase.

Happy Hens Treats Mealworm Frenzy

What do you think? Do you have any great gift ideas to add to the list?

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