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Poultry Nipples: The Ideal Chicken Waterer


Poultry nipples

Maybe you have had chickens for years. Or maybe you just purchased your first chicks. In either case, if you have been using the traditional style poultry fount, I'm here to tell you that there is a much, much better way to provide water to your flock.

If you have been using the traditional waterer, you know the routine. Scrub the muddy base clean, fill up with water, and repeat. They are always dirty, always need scrubbed, and are often tipped over and spilt. Plastic waterers can break. Galvanized founts cannot be used with apple cider vinegar. So what is the solution?

Poultry Nipples.

Yes, they have a funny name. You can call them drinkers if you prefer. Whatever you want to call them, these are life changing. 

Poultry nipples are a pin activated water dispenser, much like a rabbit or hamster water bottle with the ball bearing. When the birds press the pin, water is released. Since the drinking water is safely contained inside the bucket, it never gets muddy, poopy, or otherwise dirty. Since the water is not exposed to light, no algae forms. And since the pins are stainless steel, apple cider vinegar can be used. Plus, since buckets are high capacity (and inexpensive!), you don't need to fill up the waterer as often. Combine with a bucket heater and you'll never have to deal with frozen water again. These can even be used with young chicks. Now, healthy, clean water is always available. 

We have been using these poultry nipples for many, many years and are excited to announce that we are now a distributer! We love this product so much, we wanted to share them with other poultry enthusiasts like you. 

What Makes Our Poultry Nipples Different?

Our poultry nipples are manufactured in Denmark, where the highest standards in quality are maintained. These nipples are leakproof and drip proof, unlike vertical nipples that are known for their propensity to drip. Their horizontal design is more ergonomic for poultry, and allow the bucket to be placed on a block or other surface instead of being suspended. 

Don't be fooled by the Chinese copies that recently surfaced. They are poorly made, and readily leak and fall apart all together. 

We back our poultry nipples by a full guarantee- Love them, or return them. 

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