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About Us

Welcome to Heritage Acres!

Hello and welcome to Heritage Acres, a small, 2 acre hobby farm, run by Patrick and Nicole. Our small paradise in Pueblo West, CO, is a home to chickens, guineas, cockatiels, bees and a variety of worms. We also have quaint orchard and a picturesque garden. We enjoy the hard work and satisfaction that comes from running our menagerie. There is never a dull moment, but at the end of the day, it is always worth it.

Nicole enjoys sharing her expertise - she runs our Blog full of useful farming tips. Here you will learn what has worked for us in the past, what hasn’t and which products have made our life easier. Read Nicole’s latest post now!

Sustainable Lifestyle

We both practice sustainable living in our home and business. We recycle all we can. Food scraps are perfect for worms, chickens or compost bin. We use only organic fertilizers when gardening. All our product labels and business cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and we reduce paper waste by switching to electronic documents. We buy pre-loved items and donate the ones no longer needed. We switched to LED light bulbs and line dry our clothes naturally. On top of that, we make our own cleaning and body products.

Overall, we are constantly striving to reduce the environmental impact. 

Heritage Acres Flock

Our menagerie currently consists of a vast mix of birds from Blue Laced Red Wyandottes to Easter Eggers, Guinea Fowl to Coturnix Quail, peafowl and everything in between. Also in the flock is our Red Star heroically saved from the jaws of a Coyote by Patrick (read the story here).

Chicken Pens

Following the recent predation, we built a welded wire run, where our flock can now safely play outside. They are let out as often as possible – yet under constant supervision.

The chick pen is a 8x8x8 pen and attached coop. We use a safe, energy efficient OH1140 Sweeter Heater to keep the little ones warm.

One run is a 8’x12’x6’ chain link pen connected to a small barn. This heavily insulated pen has a thick layer of straw and a number of perching locations.

Our larger run is 10'x20' and houses a modest coop.

All of our birds feed is regularly complimented with kitchen / garden scraps and mealworms.

Apiary and Bee Hives

Our many apiary is located at our Pueblo West residence. However, we have a number of hives located throughout Pueblo County and Colorado Springs. These hives are either part of our Host-A-Hive program or teaching hives used in our classes. Please read more about our hives here

Organizations and Professional Bodies

We are proud members of Colorado Proud, Certified Naturally GrownPikes Peak Beekeepers Association, and Colorado State Beekeepers Association

Let's Be Social

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Farm Services

Heritage Acres is constantly evolving and we offer a wide range of services for young farmers: from Host-a-Hive, Egg incubation and Chick Rearing to Egg Hatching Packages. You can also buy barnyard Day Old Chicks directly from us or attend our famous Guinea Fowl Sale! Problem with bees? Give us a shout, we will remove an unwanted bee swarm free of charge!

Browse our Farm Shop now and also like us on Facebook for smart farming tips and updates on next sales! Thank you for your time,

Nicole and Patrick

Heritage Acres

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