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Day Old Chicks

Our next chick hatch will be February 11, 2017.Barnyard Mix Chicks

 We breed, incubate and hatch these chicks at our farm. Unless otherwise stated, chicks are a barnyard mix from our flock. Our rooster is an “Easter Egger” (Americana X Araucana). We have several hens including an Easter Egger, Buff Orphington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Light Brahma, Rhode Island Red and Black Star.

All chicks are sold as straight run (mix of male and female). Please note, we cannot offer any guarantees on any livestock after they have left our care. 

Before you pick up your birds

Please be prepared for your chicks before you pick them up. Proper care and equipment is necessary for their survival. We have put together a list of things that you will need prior to their arrival:

  • Brood box. We usually use a large tupperware, it helps contain heat and they cannot slip through any bars that way. Bin must be lined with wood chips (not shavings, sawdust or cedar!), artificial turf or newspaper covered with paper towel or textured shelf liner. Newspaper alone is too slippery and will cause spraddle leg.
  • Heat lamp. Brood box needs to maintain 95 degrees for the first week, and can be reduced 5 degrees every week thereafter, until birds are fully feathered or temperature matches the outside temperature. Be sure to allow room in the box for the birds to get away from the heat lamp if needed so they can regulate their temperature. We use and recommend a Sweeter Heater, which is much safer and significantly less expensive to operate than the traditional heat lamp.
  • Thermometer. Needed to help monitor temperatures noted above.
  • Feeder. This is up to personal preference. If using a feeder with holes, use an 8 hole for 6 chicks or less, and more holes as appropriate.
  • Waterer. Standard mason jar waterer found at the local farm supply store. Keep rocks/marbles in the water dish so they don’t drown. Optional Chick Trainer is suggested.
  • Feed. Chick starter feed. This comes in medicated and unmedicated varieties. There are many great articles online to help you decide which is best for you. We also suggest mealworms for your chicks. The added protein aids in their development, and it is just fun to watch them grab one and run around in an excited panic. Mealworms can be purchased through us here. If you feed mealworms, be sure to include chick grit.