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Egg Incubation and Chick Rearing

We are excited to offer egg incubation and chick rearing services! Whether you have common barnyard fowl or something unusual, 1 egg or 20+, we would love to incubate your eggs and/or raise your chicks.

We have two incubators available. Total we can process:

  • 68 chicken/duck/turkey/pheasant/guinea
Chicks in incubator
  • 152 quail
  • 34 goose eggs


Less than 5 eggs: $3.00 per egg

5+ eggs: $2.00 per egg

10+ eggs: $1.50 per egg

Payment is required when eggs are obtained. We will save unhatched eggs and return them to you. Please note that we cannot guarantee hatch rates, there are just too many variables involved. For increasing your best odds, please read about proper handling (below).

Incubator space is first come, first served. If you would like to reserve a specific date we can do our best to accommodate you, however there may be a wait time while the previous batch finishes.

Chicks must be collected within 3 days of completed hatching, or will be considered abandoned and surrendered to us.

Raising Chicks:

We can raise your chicks to 5 or 10 weeks old if you choose (even if we did not hatch them for you). Pricing for 5 weeks is $10/bird, and 10 weeks is $15/bird. Fees cover feed, electricity for heat lamp, and general care for your birds. If you would like them to be fed organically, please add $5 per bird for the high cost of organic food. You can choose medicated or non medicated chick starter feed for no additional cost.  We have limited housing space so this option may not be available. Currently we do not have the facilities for turkey, ducks or geese.

Although we have never lost a bird, please understand that if we raise your birds, we cannot guarantee all chicks will make it to adulthood. Mother Nature makes that call. If a bird happens to die, we will not charge you for that bird. All birds must be picked up within 1 week or will be considered abandoned and surrendered to us.

Egg Handling:

In an effort to increase your hatch rate, please be sure to properly handle your eggs prior to transferring them to us:

          • Wash hands before handling eggs to decrease contamination
          • Eggs can be stored for up to two weeks and maintain good hatching rates if properly cared for. Less than a week old is ideal.
          • Collect eggs several times a day. Do not save cracked, damaged, or overly large/small eggs
          • DO NOT wash eggs. This removes the vital membrane on the eggshell. Instead, gently brush off any debris. If needed, carefully buff with fine sandpaper.
          • Store eggs between 55-65 degrees F and 70-80% humidity. Outside these temperatures embryos can either start to develop abnormally and/or die. Do not refrigerate eggs.
          • For storage longer than 7 days, place eggs small end down, and rotate them 1-3x daily. This can be done by placing a book, block or similar item under one side of the container, and moving it to the other as needed. A 45 degree angle is ideal. For storage less than 7 days, eggs do not necessarily need to be turned but still need to be stored small end down.
          • Keep eggs in a sealed plastic bag or covered loosely to keep debris and dust off.
          • Shipped eggs will have a lower hatch rate due to handling and temperature variations in transit. Eggs will need to rest for 24 hours after arrival, small end down, to allow the egg to return to its normal state.

Please email us with any questions you may have.