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Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page. Please select a topic below for a list of questions. Not able to find the answer you were looking for? Please don't hesitate to Contact Us.



This is probably the question we are asked most often. Unlike chickens, young Guinea Fowl are impossible to sex. As such, they are sold as straight run only (mix of males and females). Fortunately, several males are able to live peacefully in a flock. Also, the keets are not related and are able to reproduce without any inbreeding concerns.

We offer no minimums for our preorder. If you would like birds special ordered for you outside of the preorder season, there is a minimum.

Unfortunately we are not able to ship any Guinea Fowl at this time.

Straight run means birds are sold as a mix of male and female.

We keep all keets until they are at least 1 week old than thriving. After birds leave our residence, we unfortunately cannot make any guarantees on them. There are just too many variables after they have left our care.

We can special order your keets any time of the year, but outside our regular season there is a required minimum. Prices are as follows:

Keets- $8/ea

Juveniles- $15/ea

Young Adults- $20/ea

Special orders require a minimum of 15 birds (April 1 – Oct. 31) or 25 birds (Nov. 1 – March 31).

We typically only sell birds by preorder to ensure they have a home. We usually order a few extra birds, which will be for sale first come, first served. We also offer several preorders throughout the year, so you may want to consider ordering for the upcoming order.

Unfortunately, our farm is not open to the public. As such, we will only meet in a public location within Pueblo West. We typically meet our customers at the Big R parking lot as it seems to be the most convenient spot.

We will have your birds carefully packaged in a box that you may use to transport the birds.


Keets are shipped to us from a NPIP certified hatchery. We are currently not NPIP certified but are scheduled for inspection May 2017.

We have a partnership with a private hatchery.

Jumbo Guinea Fowl weigh about 2.5 pounds heavier than standard guineas when full grown. Jumbo guinea fowl also grow faster than standards.

No, this is a common misunderstanding. If allowed to free range or given a large area of confinement, Jumbo Guineas will reproduce just like standard Guineas.

Guinea fowl are very commonly raised in Europe for food. Our French Guinea Fowl are just that- the breeding stock for these birds are imported from France.

French Guinea fowl are "Jumbo" birds, meaning they grow larger and faster than standard Guineas. They are the preferred variety for meat production.


Keets require much the same care as young chicks. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Please be prepared for your keets before they arrive. Proper care and equipment is necessary for the keets survival. We have put together a list of things that you will need prior to their arrival: Caring for keets




Hive Placement

Yes, absolutely! We will evaluate your location and determine the best location for your hive(s). Bees are typically quite passive. If you have a small area, there are provisions that can be made to alter the bees flight patterns. Additionally, bees are an excellent educational opportunity for children.

Each hive has a footprint of about 2 square feet. We like to place hives about 10 square feet from regular traffic and activity, but each location is unique. We offer free, no obligation consultations so don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in hosting a hive.

Beehives can be placed almost anywhere- in a backyard, on a rooftop, downtown shopping center, etc. Since bees travel many miles for honey and nectar, placement options are limitless!

If you live outside of Pueblo, we may still be able to offer our services. Please contact us to discuss things further.

Hive Production

Beehive production can vary significantly from hive to hive. As such, our packages come with a set amount of honey you will receive. This way you are guaranteed honey and beeswax every year. In the event that your hive does not thrive, you will be substituted with honey and wax from a neighboring hive. You will also be given the opportunity to purchase surplus honey and wax from your hive at a discounted rate.

This is one of the many advantages of hosting a hive.

As you may know, the bee population is struggling. Colony Collapse Disorder occurs when the entire hive dies spontaneously. Researchers are still trying to figure out what causes Colony Collapse Disorder, but the probable cause is pesticides. In any event, if the hosted hive dies due to reasons other than Host interference, we will replace your hive.

If you purchased an established hive or our beginner package, we are not able to replace your hive.

Other FAQ

First, we only use feral bees that we captured as swarms. Feral bees have adapted themselves to our local environment, and have proven their ability to thrive and resist disease.

Next, we never use chemicals or treat our hives. Many beekeepers use nasty thing like oxalic acid, formic acid, and antibiotics on their beehives to maximize honey production and thus profits. We believe that healthy bees are more important than buckets of honey.

Lastly, we allow the bees to make 100% of their own beeswax. Most beekeepers use frames with plastic or pressed wax foundation. We use frames with no foundation and allow the bees to create their own. This results in smaller bees, like nature intended. Since the bees create the wax, we can offer you premium honeycomb, too.

Absolutely not! All of our beehives are completely treatment free. We do not use any chemicals on our hives. We even allow our bees to make their own wax! In rare events we will feed sugar syrup to the bees, but only if we feel they would not survive without it.

This is what makes our honey and beeswax so special. Most beekeepers use nasty thing like oxalic acid, formic acid, and antibiotics on their beehives to maximize honey production and thus profits. We believe that healthy bees are more important than buckets of honey.

Not at all. All of our bees are feral swarms and are not Africanized. If we have a hive that has a poor attitude, we are able to requeen the hive thereby correcting their behavior. Furthermore, Africanized bees are extremely rare in Colorado, unlike hotter climates like California and Arizona.

Hosting a beehive has numerous benefits. Beekeeping has a hefty upfront investment, approximately $800 for one beehive, bees and associated equipment. If the hive suddenly dies due to Colony Collapse Disorder, we will replace the hive at no cost to you. Additionally, by hosting a hive you will be able to learn from a seasoned beekeeper.

However, if you would still like to take on beekeeping on your own, we do sell a limited number of bees and beehives.

Payment for hosting packages can be done monthly, or yearly for a discount. Please keep in mind that all hosting packages have a one year commitment. Moving bees midseason is very hard on the hive. If you decide to cancel your contract, you may incur a cancellation fee and forfeit your honey and beeswax allotment. Billing details can be discussed more in person.

Local Pick Up

Yes, we offer local pick up in Pueblo West, Colorado for all of our items. Unfortunately, our farm is not open to the public. As such, we will only meet in a public location within Pueblo West. We typically meet our customers at the Walmart parking lot as it seems to be the most convenient spot.


We will only ship live animals Monday- Wednesday to prevent packages from being held at the post office over the weekend. If you ordered additional items, they will likely be combined in the same package. In some cases, we may ship you additional items in a separate shipment.

At this time, we are unable to ship any live birds. We are scheduled for our NPIP inspection in May 2017. After obtaining this certification, we will consider the possibility of shipping day old chicks.

Older birds are very expensive to ship and usually do not travel well. We will not ship older birds.

We will gladly ship items internationally. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Free shipping applies to non-living items shipped within the Unites States only. Hatching eggs and worms are subject to additional shipping fees. Currently we are unable to ship chicks or other birds. International orders are gladly accepted, please email us for a shipping quote.