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Our next French Guinea Fowl preorder closes February 15, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We sell Guineas by pre-order only, and rarely have birds in stock to purchase on our farm. All birds are straight run (mix of male and female) only. 
  • We receive our birds from a NPIP certified hatchery, and they must be picked up in Pueblo West, CO. 
  • Special orders are available before or after the deadline. Please see more under Special Order.  
  • Please review the Terms & Conditions prior to ordering.

For more Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page

Guinea Fowl

About Our Birds

Our birds are pearl French guinea fowl. The breeding stock for these birds are imported by the hatchery from France. French guineas are 1­-2 pounds heavier than standard guineas, yet are still slightly smaller than an average chicken. They are able to fly like standard guineas, and will breed if allowed to free range. They are also the preferred bird for meat purposes since they are larger.

If you have not owned or experienced guineas before, please do some research. They can be loud, they can fly, and they have slightly different requirements than chickens. If left to free range, they will forage in a 5 acre area. This may be an issue if you have nearby neighbors.

Guineas make a great chicken companion and watchdog. They will help warn you (and your chickens) if there is anything suspicious nearby or if any predators are around. They are also very effective organic pest eliminators, and do a great job on ticks, grasshoppers, mice and snakes. Guineas are also not as hard on plants as chickens, and are less likely to damage your garden or landscape while they forage for bugs. If interested in guineas for eating, French Guineas are a dark meat delicacy and similar to pheasant.


Date Preorder Closes Keet Availability
March Preorder February 15 Appx March 15
May Preorder April 15 Appx May 15
July Preorder June 15 Appx July 15
Special Order N/A Appx 2-4 weeks after order


We have two options for you to choose from, keets (10-14 days old, $8 each) and juveniles (5 weeks old, $15 each). We will have limited availability of juveniles due to our housing space restrictions. There is no minimum to order, and birds are sold straight run only (mix of male and female). 

Special Order

We can special order guinea fowl any time of the year. Special orders require a minimum of 15 birds (April 1 – Oct. 31) or 25 birds (Nov. 1 – March 31). Pricing for special order keets is $15/ea


You may purchase birds directly through our website here. Please contact us with any questions you may have. By making your purchase you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below. 

Necessary Supplies

Please be prepared for your keets before they arrive. Proper care and equipment is necessary for the keets survival. We have put together a list of things that you will need prior to their arrival:

  • Brooder box. We usually use a large tupperware, it helps contain heat and they cannot slip through any bars that way. Bin must be lined with wood chips (not shavings, sawdust or cedar!), artificial turf or newspaper covered with paper towel or textured shelf liner.
    • Please DO NOT place keets in a brooder with wood shavings! They will eat it and die (from crop impaction). Instead, use a non slip flooring like paper towels or rubberized shelf liner with newspaper underneath. Newspaper alone is too slippery and will cause spraddle leg.
  • Heat lamp. Brood box needs to maintain 95 degrees for the first week, and can be reduced 5 degrees every week thereafter, until birds are fully feathered or temperature matches the outside temperature. Be sure to allow room in the box for the birds to get away from the heat lamp if needed so they can regulate their temperature. If possible, we recommend the Sweeter Heater, as they do not pose a fire danger and are less expensive to operate. 
  • Thermometer. Needed to help monitor temperatures noted above.
  • Feeder. This is up to personal preference. If using a feeder with holes, use an 8 hole for 6 keets or less, and more holes as appropriate.
  • Waterer. Standard mason jar waterer found at the local farm supply store. Keep rocks/marbles in the water dish so they don’t drown. Optional Chick Trainer is suggested.
    • Feed. Guineas need a higher protein feed than chickens. Turkey or game bird starter (24%-28%) is preferred until they are 10­-12 weeks old. At this time they can be changed to layer crumbles, but be sure to mix their food when transitioning to assist in their digestion. We feed our adult guineas layer chicken feed.
      • Heritage Acres Market LLC and Sweeny Feed Mill in Pueblo have worked together to offer you a guinea fowl starter feed. Our feed is 26%, and $17.50 for 50#. Bags should be available at both Sweeny Feed locations, however you must mention Heritage Acres Market for special pricing.  

Terms & Conditions

Birds will ship to our farm approximately 1-4 weeks after preorder closes from a NPIP certified hatchery and must be picked up in Pueblo West, CO. Shipping dates are determined by hatchery availability. When birds ship you will be notified via email. Keets will be available for pickup 1 week after delivery to our farm, juveniles available after 5 weeks. Once birds are ready, you will be contacted to schedule pick up. You will have 1 week after the release date to pick up your birds. We are available most days and will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Please note that we are a family business and we have full time jobs, so our schedule has some limitations.

Please note:

  • We cannot guarantee the birds gender (at any age), as they are almost impossible to sex when they are young. 
  • After birds leave our care, we do not offer any guarantees on them. 
  • Birds must be picked up. We do not ship birds. 
  • For biosecurity reasons, we do not accept returns and our farm is not open to the public. We typically meet our customers in the Pueblo West Big R parking lot for pick up. 
  • Any birds not picked up within 1 week will be considered abandoned and surrendered to us. Your payment will not be refunded. 
  • All sales are final.
  • Please contact us with any questions you may have.