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Hive 17-09

Swarm from Aberdeen neighborhood in Pueblo
Hive 17-09 was created on May 1, 2017 as the result of a swarm capture. We caught this swarm in the Aberdeen neighborhood in Pueblo, CO. It was about 12 feet high in a pine tree, over a sidewalk. The parent hive was located in the homeowners chimney, and we plan to return another day to remove the main hive. 
May 6, 2017- Hive was confirmed to be queenright and moved from Pueblo West to the Sunny Heights neighborhood, Pueblo.
Hive was split earlier in the summer to raise an emergency queen for another hive. Hive, though strong, failed to requeen itself. Thus, on Sep 29, 2017- hive was moved to Heritage Acres and combined with a small queenright hive.