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We LOVE birds here are Heritage Acres! Whether its chickens, guineas, quail, or simply the wild birds that visit, we enjoy their company. 

Since chickens started as a hobby for us, we have a large mix of breeds. From silkies to Wyandottes to Australorps, we have a little of everything. We particularly enjoy the uncommon breeds and will be adding to our flock over the winter, and will be offering a limited number of chicks available for sale. 

You will also find several Guineas here. Since we sell hundreds (Literally!) every year, we often have a group in the grow out pen for our clients. 

Our most recent addition to the farm are the Jumbo Coturnix Quail. When we have them up and running we will have chicks, eggs and adults available for sale. 

We think that chickens are pretty much the perfect pet, and wan't everyone to experience chicken keeping for themselves. Stay tuned for a special announcement on how we hope to make that happen!

We also hope to offer beginner poultry classes in the future!