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Mealworm Starter Kit

Heritage Acres Market LLC

Mealworm Starter Kit

$ 15.00

A Mealworm Starter Kit is the best way to get started fast! All Starter Kits are organic and include bran, adult beetles, pupa, mealworms, instruction sheet and coupon! For more information raising mealworms, read here.

Mini Kit- Perfect for schools, homeschool, educators, etc

  • ½ # bran, 100 mealworms, 10 pupae, 10 beetles

Basic Kit- A budget friendly option that requires a little patience

  • 1 # bran, 500 mealworms, 25 pupae, 25 beetles

Select Kit- Great for most needs

  • 2 # bran, 1000 mealworms, 100 pupae, 100 beetles

Deluxe Kit- For those needing a lot of worms, without the wait

  • 5 # bran, 5000 mealworms, 500 pupae, 500 beetles

 All Organic Mealworm Starter Kits-

  • Jumpstart your colony, no more waiting!
  • Variety of beetles, pupae and mealworms
  • Organic wheat bran included
  • Free of grain mites
  • Please choose "Hold At Post Office" for guaranteed live arrival!
  • Booster packs available for extra beetles, pupae and mealworms!
  • Add extra Organic Wheat Bran or Dermestid beetle cleaner packs

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