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Heritage Acres Market LLC

Hatching Chicken Eggs

$ 10.00

Fresh hatching eggs from our NPIP certified flock. Several options to choose from:

Our Flock

Ameraucana/Araucana Rooster paired with F1 Olive Egger bantams, Silver Laced Wyandotte, white Brahma, Easter Eggers, white leghorns, Appenzeller Spitzhauben, Australorp, Delaware, Buff Orpington, and barnyard mix hens. Eggs will be a mix of brown, green, olive and blue.

F1 Olive Egger Bantams

Only the Olive Eggs from our flock.

Easter Egger variety

A mix of colored eggs including olive, blue, pink, and green. Birds may be purebred or mixed breed, but should lay colored eggs. Some may lay brown eggs. Eggs sent might not include all color varieties and will vary based upon availability. 

Mystery Dozen

A discounted, random mix of fresh hatching eggs. Eggs will be any of the varieties listed above, and color possibilities include white, brown, olive, pink, blue or green.

Please note: We cannot guarantee hatching rate, yet our eggs are known for high fertilization rate. All eggs can be picked up in Pueblo West, CO or shipped to you. We will collect your hatching eggs after payment is received to ensure fresh eggs and proper handling. Please allow up to 7 days for your order to be filled.

  • 1 dozen NPIP Certified & Animal Welfare Approved hatching chicken eggs
  • High fertilization rate
  • Pick up in Pueblo West, CO or ship to you

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