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Crown Bees

Native BeeHaven House

$ 24.95

The Crown Bees BeeHaven kit introduces gardeners to solitary summer leafcutter bees. Kit includes BeeHaven house, nesting tubes and gentle summer bees. Bee house is simple to mount, making it easy to raise leafcutter bees for summer gardens! Bees shipped at no extra cost through redemption of certificate code included on BeeHaven label. Choose Green (for cooler Summer temperatures) or Tan (for hotter summer temperatures) BeeHaven. BeeHaven includes-

  • BeeHaven house (8" long x 2" wide x 2" tall) with instructions
  • 12 - 6mm EasyTear tubes for leafcutter bees
  • Certificate for 30 leafcutter bee cocoons*

 *Redeem certificate at and bees will ship directly to your door. Kit price includes shipping of bees.

For installation instructions visit the BeeHaven Instruction page.

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